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Amanda Returns to the Motherland

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Oops! Wrong Bus!

Today, my friends and I took the wrong bus. It’s okay we didn’t get lost, just kinda turned around. On the bright side, I got to visit my second town in Scotland, Milngavie. It’s actually pronounced Milguy. We got off the bus there and then went to McDonald’s and ate a wee bite of lunch. After that, we went into the City Centre and visited the Lighthouse, which is really just this really tall tower that you can look out from. Zach almost pushed me off (not seriously, but I have a funny picture from the event). From there, we went to the Disney store. It was grand. I will probably go again at some point. Once we were back at the church, we had prayer meeting. It was wonderful. All day, I had been struggling with feelings of missing my family and Ben, but at the prayer meeting, I was reminded that I am where I am supposed to be. I know that God has His hand on my life. All I have to do is trust Him (Proverbs 3:5-6). After prayer meeting, Zach, Josh, Jim, and I went to get fish and chips. It was pretty good, but very greasy. Today has simply been wonderful, but now I am going to say goodbye so I can FaceTime Benjamin.

Cheers, Amanda.

The American Merida

Hello all, it’s Amanda or as Zach likes to call to me Merida. So I am the American Merida Yesterday, I went adventuring in the Kelvingrove art museum and gallery. The building was fantastic and old. There was a HUGE pipe organ on the second floor. I wanted to explore it so bad. After that we got ice cream and it was AMAZING. I had mint chocolate chip and chocolate fudge brownie. Always the right choice. Then we went back to the church and had a youth function. I learned how to play a new type of UNO. It had a totally different set of rules, but it was so much fun. I actually was the first one to win three rounds. The American Merida won the game. Overall, it was a random fun day.

Tata for now, Amanda

Caffe Nero

Today, I went to Caffe Nero in the Glasgow City Centre. It was magical. The building was so adorable and old. The Hot Chocolate Milano was better than I remembered. After, we went shopping. I got lots of delightful pictures of the old buildings. Overall, this city is magical. I love the people. There is lots of walking involved and it is so refreshing. The weather today was quite warm. I even had to remove my rain jacket and sweater. I got the ride the bus. From the top of the bus, I caught sight of the Celtic Football Club stadium. Then I went by ASDA again. I know that is a real shocker. Anyway, I gotta get back to my life.

Love Y’all. Toodles, Amanda


I’m Here

I have arrived!! It is magical here. Everyone is so nice. Things are not as different as I thought that things would be more different that they are. It is cold and wet. I love it. This is my favorite type of weather. I have been to ASDA (the Wal-Mart) equivalent three times in one day. (Heather, you would be so proud of me). I just found out that I might get to be apart of the Bible Quizzing team here. I am so excited. My level of excitement cannot even be expressed through mere words. I have been to two church services already. They were both so good. Overall, Scotland is wonderful and I cannot wait to explore it more.

Till next time, Amanda

Ready or Not!

Here it is! My first blog post describing my journey into the next chapter of my life. At this point, I have already said one goodbye (and cried buckets afterwards). Goodbyes! They are super hard to say and leave you feeling so lost afterwards. However, the grand thing is that this wasn’t a goodbye forever, just a goodbye for now. I am almost completely packed. Those close to me now have dropped jaws. I know. I know. Amanda Gregory. The AMANDA GREGORY does not have everything packed at least two weeks in advance. Well what can I say except that maybe I am already changing. I can tell you that Amanda Gregory is feeling super emotional. Which is also atypical. However, the one constant that remains true in all this is that the Lord is by my side and He is my all-seeing, all-knowing Father, who I can trust. I was reading my Bible today and Isaiah 26:3-4 says “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee. Trust ye in the Lord forever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.” When I am feeling scared and confused, lonely and unprepared in the coming days and weeks, I know I can trust in my Jesus and He will be a faithful comfort.

So as I go into this next chapter of my life, my adventuring heart is singing, “Ready or not, Scotland, here I come”.

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