You know there are times where I really know that the Lord loves me most. Today was one of those days. Since I arrived in Scotland, one of my dreams was to see a highland coo. For those of you that are close to me, I have probably talked about it and shown you a picture. Today, Heather and I went on a tour of the Highlands. While on one of the tiny roads, our tour guide had the bus driver stop in the middle of the road because there was a highland coo. We then got to get our of the coach and take pictures of it. It was the highlight of my day. It was an unscheduled stop. It was completely unexpected. It was just another one of the many great demonstrations of God’s love for me. To top is off, at our last stop of the day there was an absolutely beautiful rose garden. Jesus truly does love me and for that I am extremely thankful.

Blessed and highly favoured, Amanda.