It amazes me everyday how God blesses me. Tomorrow, Heather arrives in Scotland. Her and I are going to be traveling around Scotland for a whole week. Heather and I have talked about in the past having a girls trip to like NYC or something, but have never done it. Now we’re having one in Scotland of both places. It just proves to me how much God cares about me. He even cares for the non-salvation related things, like vacations. Scotland probably can’t handle Heather and I together, but that’s okay. It’s going to have to just buck up and deal with it because it’s happening. She’s already in Chicago waiting to board her next flight. Because of this trip, I am convinced that Jesus loves me more. He loves me more than any of His other creations. He loves me more than His own life. He loves me more than anybody else. Jesus loves me more and because of that I love Him more. More than my family. More than Benjamin Scott. More than yellow roses and chocolate cake. I love Jesus more than anyone or anything else in this World and I am totally okay with that. When I put Him first, everything else can then fall into places. Because I had to quit my job to come to Scotland, I have been concerned about finding a job after returning home. This among other things has lead to some stress in my life. On top of the homesickness, I have shed quite a few tears over the last couple of weeks. For those who know me well, they know that this is atypical and that I hate crying. Anyways amid those tears, I have been reassured that through it all Jesus still loves me and cares about me. That He will always provide and that I still just need to continue to trust Him. So on I go to another new day with another new experience. Inverness, here comes Heather and I.

With much love, Amanda.