So as it was pointed out to me (thanks, Benjamin), I have not posted in a very long time. Which is true. So to catch you all up. I have now officially been in all the countries in the UK and Ireland. I climbed a mountain in Wales (it was probably more like a hill, but it felt like a mountain). I attended to UPCGBI General Conference and it was amazing. Also, I Bible Quizzed the finals and our team won first place. Additionally, I explored a medieval castle and it was so cool. I was able to climb up six towers and see the views in all directions. I came home so tired and knackered. However, there is no rest for the weary. We started right to work and have been at it ever since. Today, I visited Stirling Castle and the views were also amazing. I actually got to visit with Phill Conley and that was super nice. Finally, I learned this week that Heather is going to come and visit me from September 6th-15th. And then I’ll be flying home on September 15th.

Until next time; I’ll try to make it a shorter time, Amanda.IMG_5975IMG_6095IMG_6008IMG_6025