From Scotland with Love

Amanda Returns to the Motherland

Highland Coo

You know there are times where I really know that the Lord loves me most. Today was one of those days. Since I arrived in Scotland, one of my dreams was to see a highland coo. For those of you that are close to me, I have probably talked about it and shown you a picture. Today, Heather and I went on a tour of the Highlands. While on one of the tiny roads, our tour guide had the bus driver stop in the middle of the road because there was a highland coo. We then got to get our of the coach and take pictures of it. It was the highlight of my day. It was an unscheduled stop. It was completely unexpected. It was just another one of the many great demonstrations of God’s love for me. To top is off, at our last stop of the day there was an absolutely beautiful rose garden. Jesus truly does love me and for that I am extremely thankful.

Blessed and highly favoured, Amanda.


Trains and Castles

On Tuesday, Heather arrived. Wednesday, we traveled from Glasgow to Inverness and checked into the flat where we are staying. It was so wonderful to see more of the highlands. Today, we took another train to Dunrobin Castle. It is about an hour and a half more north. The castle is right on the coast of the North Sea. It is still privately owned by the aristocratic family. They have live falconry shows there. However, we didn’t watch it because it was raining. It usually just drizzles, but doesn’t rain. The train ride there and back again was really cool. The highlands are absolutely breathtaking. One week and then I am home!

Till then, Amanda.


Girls Trip on Steroids

It amazes me everyday how God blesses me. Tomorrow, Heather arrives in Scotland. Her and I are going to be traveling around Scotland for a whole week. Heather and I have talked about in the past having a girls trip to like NYC or something, but have never done it. Now we’re having one in Scotland of both places. It just proves to me how much God cares about me. He even cares for the non-salvation related things, like vacations. Scotland probably can’t handle Heather and I together, but that’s okay. It’s going to have to just buck up and deal with it because it’s happening. She’s already in Chicago waiting to board her next flight. Because of this trip, I am convinced that Jesus loves me more. He loves me more than any of His other creations. He loves me more than His own life. He loves me more than anybody else. Jesus loves me more and because of that I love Him more. More than my family. More than Benjamin Scott. More than yellow roses and chocolate cake. I love Jesus more than anyone or anything else in this World and I am totally okay with that. When I put Him first, everything else can then fall into places. Because I had to quit my job to come to Scotland, I have been concerned about finding a job after returning home. This among other things has lead to some stress in my life. On top of the homesickness, I have shed quite a few tears over the last couple of weeks. For those who know me well, they know that this is atypical and that I hate crying. Anyways amid those tears, I have been reassured that through it all Jesus still loves me and cares about me. That He will always provide and that I still just need to continue to trust Him. So on I go to another new day with another new experience. Inverness, here comes Heather and I.

With much love, Amanda.

Home is Where the Heart is

The Bible says that “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. Never a truer statement has been quoted. This past week has been super hard for me. I actually cried real tears. For those of you that know me this is extremely rare. This week has been hard because I have missed my family terrible. As I write this, I am nineteen days away from being home. I know I told myself that I wouldn’t count down the days until I left, but after I passed the halfway mark, that just wasn’t going to happen. Homesickness is a real thing. Homesickness really hurts. The only saving grace is that I have some incredible friends here. They have lifted me up and made me feel so loved. Additionally, I have a family and boyfriend who support me and encourage me even though we are 4,000 miles apart. Finally, I have a God who is there for me at all times. On this experience, there have been times where I have been discouraged, disillusioned, and distressed. (Like the alliteration?) However, through it all Jesus has been there for me, assuring me that I am here for a purpose, and that soon enough, I will be home where I belong. Though there have been really tough times, I would not trade this experience for anything.

19 days. Just 19 and I will be where my heart is. I will be home.


Till September 15th. Love, Amanda.

For the First Time in Forever

So as it was pointed out to me (thanks, Benjamin), I have not posted in a very long time. Which is true. So to catch you all up. I have now officially been in all the countries in the UK and Ireland. I climbed a mountain in Wales (it was probably more like a hill, but it felt like a mountain). I attended to UPCGBI General Conference and it was amazing. Also, I Bible Quizzed the finals and our team won first place. Additionally, I explored a medieval castle and it was so cool. I was able to climb up six towers and see the views in all directions. I came home so tired and knackered. However, there is no rest for the weary. We started right to work and have been at it ever since. Today, I visited Stirling Castle and the views were also amazing. I actually got to visit with Phill Conley and that was super nice. Finally, I learned this week that Heather is going to come and visit me from September 6th-15th. And then I’ll be flying home on September 15th.

Until next time; I’ll try to make it a shorter time, Amanda.IMG_5975IMG_6095IMG_6008IMG_6025

International Bible Quizzer

My last post was about being a world traveler. Well now, I can add international Bible quizzer to my resume. On Saturday, I was honored to be apart of the New Life Church Bible quizzing team. We competed in the semi-finals of the UPCGBI. We won two quizzes and that caused us to advance to the finals, which will be held in Llandudno, Wales at the UPCGBI General Conference. It was nice to again be apart of this wonderful ministry. I loved learning parts of Proverbs. I cannot wait to quiz again. Anyway, that is all that has been going on in my life. Oh! We quizzed in London by the way. Just wanted to make some of you jealous.

Till next time, Amanda.

World Traveler

Apparently guys, I am a world traveler. Tomorrow, I set out for Liverpool, England then onto London on Saturday. Then on Monday, I am headed to Edinburgh for the day to see the castle and shop. I am so excited. The Lord is honoring my desire to travel. God is so good. I am constantly amazed at His goodness and mercy. Two weeks from now, I will be traveling to Llandudno, Wales. God is so richly blessing me. Anyway, I’ve got people to see and places to go.

Till next time, Amanda

Time Flies

So apparently it has been six days since I wrote a post. I’m glad that time is starting to fly by. I know that seems like an oxymoron, but I really miss my family! As of right now, I have been here for two weeks officially and I have not been kidnapped of killed. SUCCESS!!!! Today, we are having our first rainstorm since I arrived. It is so nice. I love the rain. Especially, since yesterday it was up to 82 Fahrenheit. They don’t have central air here so it got pretty toasty. Currently, I am in my office sitting under a nice ceiling fan and life is grand. I am excited about what I feel like God is doing over here. I understand now what God wants to do in me and what He wants me to leave here. It is nice to finally have some direction in my life. At least, direction for the next two months. Isaiah says that the Lord will keep those in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. I am glad that I can hold to the promises of God.

Toodles, Amanda

P.S. I finally got a super comfortable mattress and I am not parting with it for anything.

One Week Down

Hey there all, It has been a little bit since I have written. By little bit, I mean like three days. I am now a week in and I have not been killed or kidnapper. That is a success. I would say that I am pretty much over jet lag too, but I will not count my chickens before they are hatched. The last week has been full of experiencing new things, meeting new people, and learning new things. However, there is the same presence of God in every church service and prayer meeting. It is so wonderful to know that God is the same in whatever continent you are on.

Till next time. Love you all, Amanda

Jesus the Same.

Yesterday was my first Sunday church service in Glasgow. It was wonderful. The spirit of the Lord moved in great and mighty ways. I, also, attended a home prayer meeting. That was wonderful to experience. It is so refreshing to know that God is the same in every country and that I am going to be able to feel the same spirit that I feel at home in Glasgow. The music was much the same with a couple different songs. All the people here are so nice and welcoming that I feel right at home. They are super sincere as well. Overall, I am enjoying the saints of God in Glasgow.

Till next time, Amanda.

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